“Our clients are not just files, but people”

John Lundon, Founder of Lundons Law


If you were searching on the internet for the website of a lawyer in Blenheim to suit your needs, you’d find whole battalions of lawyers all of whom presented themselves as able, personable, bright, amiable…..the list of attributes is endless.

So how would you make a choice?

How about taking down the names, pinning them on a wall, and throwing a dart?

This would be one solution. But could I humbly offer an alternative solution?

I’d choose a law firm which, though appearing small in stature, was big on performance.

This was my aim over twenty years ago when I decided to leave a multi-partnered practice and establish ‘Lundons’ (now known as ‘Lundons Law’). Nearly thirty years on and its thankfully still true to its roots – small in stature but big on performance.

Keeping the structure small has given Lundons Law the ability to control the cost of overheads and administration.  It also enables us to provide personalised and individual attention.  Our clients are not just files but people.

That this is a formula that works is borne out by the clients we have, and have retained.  They range from international companies, to the individuals who are seeking legal advice that won’t cost them the earth.  Then again, they may want the earth but with us they won’t have to pay for it!

I’m still involved as a consultant, which is really a grandiose term for ”Godfather”. Though not involved in the day-to-day conduct of the practice, I can’t help but keep a “godfatherly” eye on ensuring that personalised, cost-effective solutions continue to be delivered to our clients – as was my aim when I started the practice, and as we have been continuing to do for the last twenty years.