No doubt you take your car in regularly to get its Warrant of Fitness (WOF)? When was the last time you put your legal arrangements under the spotlight? It might be time you took the Lundons Law ‘Legal WOF’.

Try out our checklist to discover how well legally protected you and your assets are.

Your “Legal Safety Inspection” / WOF

YesNoIs your Will up to date?
YesNoDo you have an Enduring Power of Attorney?
YesNoIf you have a Family Trust, is the Trust administration up to date?
YesNoBusiness partnerships or entities and succession arranged?
YesNoHave you taken professional advice in relation to asset protection?
YesNoEntered into a new relationship and need advice on assets?
YesNoManaging assets for ‘blended’ family?
YesNoKeeping heirlooms within the family / protecting heirlooms from being passed on outside the family?


Give yourself one point for every time you answered ‘Yes’ to one of these questions.

So, what’s your score?


Is your score 4 or below?

We strongly recommend you seek professional legal advice to ensure your assets and wishes are legally protected.

A score of 10 or above?

You are in pretty good legal shape. It still might be worth discussing anything you answered ‘No’ to with your lawyer.

A score of 12?

Congratulations! You have done all that you can to ensure the protection of your property and wishes.

If you would like advice regarding any of the above (or something else, for that matter), please fill in the contact form on our contact page and we will get back to you shortly.