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  • Law changes and gift duty guidelines

    Are you aware of the recent law changes around Gift Duty and how these may affect you?

    Are you aware of the recent law changes around Gift Duty and how these may affect you? Lundons Law Principal, Steve Riley, together with Brian Creedy from TvA Chartered Accountants, recently delivered a seminar on “Gifting in New Zealand”. We would like to share the six-page......

  • Legal Questions re gift duty changes

    Clarification On Gift Duty Rule Changes

    I have received a request to clarify the information I provided last month regarding the abolition of Gift Duty. My message was that, despite the fact that Gift Duty has now been abolished, if you have a gifting programme in place you should continue with......

  • Customer Care Charter

    Conduct and Client Care

    Conduct and Client Care The profession has been subject to a major review over the last few years which has culminated in new rules of conduct and care. Below is a copy of our new client care charter. The charter sets clear guidelines as to......

  • Retirement and gift duty changes

    Gift Duty Rule Changes

    Gift Duty Rule Changes – An Introduction – Article originally published in the Marlborough Express for Grey Power – Hello, I am Steve Riley the Principal of Lundons Law in Blenheim. Lundons Law is Grey Power Marlborough’s honorary solicitor (in other words, it is a......

  • Legal WOF - Checklist to see if your legal affairs are in order

    Legal WOF – what’s your number?

    No doubt you take your car in regularly to get its Warrant of Fitness (WOF)? When was the last time you put your legal arrangements under the spotlight? It might be time you took the Lundons Law ‘Legal WOF’. Try out our checklist to discover how well......

  • Rates Rebate

    The Rates Rebate Scheme

    An Introduction to the Rates Rebate Scheme in Marlborough – Originally written for Grey Power Marlborough – While my intention is to write articles on a variety of legal topics, I have been asked to depart from this somewhat by discussing the Rates Rebate Scheme.......

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