Property disputes can create stress and complications in real estate ownership. In New Zealand, these disputes often involve boundary disagreements, ownership conflicts, and tenancy issues. Lundons Law specialises in resolving property disputes, offering expert guidance to achieve amicable resolutions. In this blog post, we will explore common topics in New Zealand and discuss how Lundons Law can assist in resolving these matters effectively.

Boundary Property Disputes

Boundary disputes frequently arise when neighbouring property owners disagree on boundary lines. These disputes can strain relationships and lead to legal battles. To address this, Lundons Law understands the importance of swift and peaceful resolution. Their experienced property lawyers provide expert advice and representation, helping clients understand property titles, survey plans, and legal boundaries. By leveraging their expertise, Lundons Law aims to prevent lengthy court proceedings and facilitate fair agreements.

Ownership Disagreements

Ownership disputes can occur due to conflicting interpretations of property titles, incomplete contracts, or ambiguous ownership terms. Resolving these disputes requires meticulous legal analysis and a deep understanding of New Zealand property law. Moreover, Lundons Law’s knowledgeable lawyers navigate complex ownership disputes, determining beneficial interests, clarifying rights and responsibilities, and seeking legal remedies. Clients receive tailored strategies to protect their interests and find equitable solutions.

Tenancy Property Disputes

Tenancy disputes can create tension between landlords and tenants. Issues such as rent arrears, breaches of tenancy agreements, maintenance conflicts, or unlawful eviction can lead to disputes. In such cases, Lundons Law recognises the importance of understanding rights and obligations for both parties. They actively assist in mediating disputes, negotiating fair resolutions, and providing expert advice on tenancy laws. By facilitating agreements outside of the courtroom, Lundons Law minimises stress, time, and costs associated with tenancy disputes.

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Lundons Law understands that litigation is not always the best approach. It can be time-consuming, expensive, and harm relationships further. Instead, they offer mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Experienced mediators act as neutral facilitators, guiding discussions and encouraging productive dialogue. Through mediation and ADR, Lundons Law fosters cooperation, preserves relationships, and provides tailored solutions aligned with all parties’ interests.


It can be emotionally and financially draining, impacting individuals and communities. Fortunately, Lundons Law specialises in efficiently resolving these disputes in New Zealand. Whether it is boundary disputes, ownership disagreements, or tenancy conflicts, their expertise in property law and commitment to alternative dispute resolution ensures a focus on amicable solutions.

By seeking assistance, individuals and businesses can find peace of mind, knowing that their property disputes are in capable hands.

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